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Project: Disease distribution in the hydroscape 

Promoting connectivity within and across landscapes has been a focal goal of nature conservation. However, in human-modified landscapes, there may be a “tipping point” where high connectivity between habitats becomes a negative influence on ecosystems.

Aim: determine how various levels of connectivity influence the distribution and abundance of faecal indicator organisms (FIOs), within and across freshwater catchments which experience different environmental and anthropogenic pressures.

Funding: NERC Hydroscape (Workpackage 1)

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Publications and Posters

Twenty years of change in riverside vegetation: what role have invasive alien plants played? (Pdf: Pattison et al. 2017)

Invasion legacy effects versus sediment deposition as drivers of riparian vegetation (Pdf: Pattison et al. 2017)

Strathclyde E.coli Poster (PowerPoint: Zarah Pattison BWC)