Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem services are the monetary and non-monetary benefits derived from nature. The ESHH lab uses interdisciplinary methods to investigate aspects of ecosystem service provision, including:

  • Quantifying ecosystem service provision
  • Economically valuing ecosystem services
  • Understanding societal benefits from nature
  • Estimating future changes in ecosystem service provision

The aim of our ecosystem services research portfolio is to generate applied knowledge that ensures the long term sustainability of our natural capital.



rq-ppProfessor Richard Quilliam
Professor of Environment and Health


oliverDr David Oliver
Associate Professor


kathleen-pp1-1Kathleen Stosch
PhD Student


jJonathan Fletcher
PhD Student



Craig McDougall
PhD Student




Building resilience to respond to future environmental change across Scottish catchments

Optimising multi-pollutant phytoremediation strategies to sustainably improve raw water quality

The role of Scotland’s inland waters in promoting blue-health in rural communities


Selected Publications

Stosch KC, Quilliam RS, Bunnefeld N & Oliver DM (2019). Quantifying stakeholder understanding of an ecosystem service trade-off, Science of the Total Environment, 651, 2524-2534. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.10.090

Fletcher J, Willby NJ, Oliver DMQuilliam RS (2019). “Phytoremediation using Aquatic Plants” in Shmaefsky, BR. (Ed), Phytoremediation – In-Situ Applications (Advanced Concepts & Strategies in Plant Sciences), Springer Nature. ISBN978-3-030-00099-8. In press.

Stosch KC, Quilliam RS, Bunnefeld N & Oliver DM (2017). Managing multiple catchment demands for sustainable water use and ecosystem service provision, WATER, 9, 677. Available here