Using genomic sequencing to identify and characterise genospecies within the Rhizobium leguminosarum complex linked to increased performance and yield of a legume crop (£55k; BBSRC; PI Richard Quilliam)

Sustainable waste management and Covid-19: an opportunity to build resilience into the livelihoods of waste pickers in South Africa (£30k; SFC-GCRF Covid-19 Urgency call; PI Richard Quilliam)

SPACES: Sustainable Plastic Attitudes to benefit Communities and their Environments (£3.85 million; NERC-GCRF; PI Richard Quilliam)

Sources, impacts and solutions for plastics in South East Asia coastal environments (£1.50 million; NERC-GCRF; Co-I Richard Quilliam)

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Microbial hitch-hikers of marine plastics: the survival, persistence and ecology of microbial communities in the ‘Plastisphere’’
PI: Professor Richard Quilliam, value: £1.85m, funded by: NERC
Twitter: @PlasticVectors

Critical zone science in China

Value-added marketing of mangrove oysters as an alternative livelihoods strategy for female gatherers in Sierra Leone (in collaboration with the Institute of Aquaculture)

The temporal dynamics of water access and quality in the slums of Blantyre, Malawi (Royal Geographical Society; PI Dr Heather Price)

Evaluating the relationship between public perception, engagement and attitudes towards underground energy technologies and UK Geoenergy Observatory science (British Geological Survey, PI Dr Jennifer Dickie)

Current PhD projects

Building resilience to respond to future environmental change across Scottish catchments

On-farm’ seed priming: an ecological & sustainable disease management strategy

Understanding hydrological and land-use controls on microbial pollution & human health risks in the South West China karst region

Optimising multi-pollutant phytoremediation strategies to sustainably improve raw water quality

A catchment-based approach to determine environmental controls of Cryptosporidium transfer from land to water

Opportunities and barriers for recovering value from faecal sludge in African cities

Developing novel seed treatments for grain legumes: optimising sustainable outcomes in agricultural systems

Quantifying the risk of wildlife contributions to diffuse microbial pollution in agricultural catchments

The role of Scotland’s inland waters in promoting blue-health in rural communities

The role of human excreta in building sustainable rural futures

Completed PhD projects

Exploiting insects as feed for sustainable salmon farming – identifying the risks of pathogen transfer within the production chain