Lecturer in Social Epidemiology

My research and teaching interests are focused on linking understandings of the complex and challenging inter-relationships between humans and biological and environmental systems. I am particularly interested in socioeconomic inequalities and the impacts these inequalities have on people’s underlying physiology and health and how we address these inequalities. 

Specific areas of interests include:

  • The Biology of Inequality: biological pathways between socioeconomic position and health (biological ageing, allostatic load and oxidative stress)
  • Health Inequalities: what they look like, what causes them and how do we fix them
  • Commercial Determinants of Health: examining inequalities in exposure to unhealthy commodities based on people’s socioeconomic circumstances (e.g. increased exposure to unhealthy food, alcohol and e-cigarette advertisements in the outdoor environment)
  • Academic and Community/Public Engagement and Activism – collaborating to better understand and reduce health inequalities through community-based approaches