PhD Research Student

Project: Quantifying the risk of wildlife contributions to diffuse microbial pollution in agricultural catchments

Very little is currently known about the contributions of E. coli from wildlife such as deer, geese and other waterfowl. Uncertainty in E. coli loading from wildlife and wildfowl, and behaviour of these FIO populations can undermine assessments of microbial pollution in agricultural systems. This studentship will combine catchment science and environmental microbiology to investigate the importance of wildlife contributions to microbial pollution of surface waters.

Project goals:

  1. To determine the contribution of common UK wildlife to FIO loading of catchments.
  2. To investigate the variation of the magnitude of FIOs sourced from common wildlife types in space and time.
  3. To explore the extent of FIO die-off within different wildlife faeces under specific environmental conditions?
  4. To verify the factors that control the efficiency of FIO mobilisation from wildlife faeces?


Email: e.o.afolabi@stir.ac.uk
Twitter: @emmanue76638651