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Project: Building resilience to respond to future environmental change across Scottish catchments

PhD funded through the Hydro Nation Scholars Programme

Catchments are under increasing pressure to provide food, water and energy security, without compromising ecological quality and human health and wellbeing.

There is a need to quantify and optimise multiple benefits from catchments. However, our understanding is complicated by uncertainties around ecosystem service assessment, climate change impacts and the varied needs and demands of catchment stakeholders.

The aim of this project is to quantify trade-offs and synergies between catchment uses in order to optimise landscape scale ecosystem service provision and make catchments more resilient against climate change impacts.

The project will adopt both quantitative and qualitative methods and develop novel participatory approaches to help unpack stakeholder conflict and promote collaboration. Further, it will develop a transferable socio-ecological framework to guide decision-making and future catchment management.

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Managing Multiple Catchment Demands for Sustainable Water Use and Ecosystem Service Provision (pdf: Stosch et al. 2017 WATER)

Photograph taken by Terry Eve (Flickr creative commons)