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Project: Risk-based modelling of pathogen export from agricultural catchments under a changing climate

Diffuse pollution from agriculture presents a risk to microbial water quality and the security of ecosystem services linked to clean and safe bathing, drinking, and shellfish harvesting water. SCIMAP is an existing risk-mapping framework that has been successfully developed to predict fine sediment and nutrient risk to watercourses. The SCIMAP approach will now be adapted for predicting diffuse microbial pollution risk.

Project goals

  • Develop a tool that aids in efficient placement of mitigation measures.
  • Gather new understanding of microbial fate and transfer through agricultural catchments.
  • Predict how microbial transport may vary with climate change

Blog posts

Investigating the transfer of E. coli through agricultural systems

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Predicting diffuse microbial pollution risk across catchments: The performance of SCIMAP and recommendations for future development (Pdf: Porter et al. STOTON_2017)